Work in glass manufacture and supply? This paper-free software seriously improves admin and workflow

If you work in glass manufacture and supply, it’s quite possible that keeping on top of all your paperwork is a headache.

Flexible Gtrak3 document management software from Jotika solves this problem.

Say good-bye to confusing paper systems
Designed to replace time-consuming paper systems, this highly configurable software gives you an integrated and ‘easy to view’ complete business document trace and use system.

It enables you to clear your paper archives by scanning all documents into secure digital storage.

In addition, you will be able to directly integrate into Jotika’s Glass ERP software for fast storage. Then with just one click from within Gtrak3, you can access all the features.

Flexible features include the ability to:

  • View all of the documents relating to the order
  • Annotate the document with text and stamps
  • Black-out sensitive information
  • Generate a PDF with or without annotations
  • Email direct to your customer
    …and much more.

Safe and easy access
The paperwork that can be digitised includes job specifications, drawings, quotations, supplier orders, customer orders, production reports, Health & Safety and Risk Management records, shipping and delivery/receipt records, fleet and machinery asset management; and all your credit control.

This fast-moving technology enables you to interrogate data at any time, to create and extract the records you need. Over 100 pages can be cross-referenced, collated and accessed within seconds.

This GDPR-ready software also delivers full HR and payroll management, including employee recruitment, onboarding, training and appraisals.

High-standard accreditation
The software is also accredited to BS 10008 (Electronic Information Management standards).

This ensures therefore that data cannot be lost or compromised and that the integrity of each original document is retained.

This creates complete and correct records should documents be required for audit or legal purposes. The time-stamping of document views is also included.

Improvements and savings
It’s a space saver too. With Gtrak3 glass software in place, one Jotika client cleared and digitised an extensive paper document system that was taking up an entire mezzanine floor at their UK head office.

The perfect management support tool
This supports MD’s and finance directors in glass manufacturer and supply; as well as office and sales managers, quality and logistics managers, and more.

Via secure access, users can log in and view data from any PC.

Software for glass
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