This glass production software uplifts furnace efficiency by 25%

Effective glass furnace optimisation supports efficient and cost saving production.

Want to maximise furnace throughput and minimise running costs? Here’s what you need to know, to achieve the very best outputs.

Let’s start with a key question.

Are you loading efficient beds?

Inefficient furnace use is often the result of access to glass or just poor decision making at loading.

To improve this, you need coordinated glass availability and very best use of your available bed space.

Furnace operators always aim for effective bed configurations, but they may be limited, by only being able to work with the glass that is available to them. Optimisation software from Jotika plans efficient beds, but also synchronises the factory’s entire workflow and ensures that the correct glass is prepared and delivered, ready for furnace loading. 

Operators can then set out the most efficient beds, load faster and speed up throughput.

Jotika’s flexible Dimensional Profiling software enables operators to have the confidence that only suitable glass is mixed on each bed, maintaining full beds, with minimal rejection from the operator from quality concerns.  

The software gives each piece of glass a slot number and sequence. An illustrative bed diagram is then created, showing where each numbered piece should sit. 

When filling from harp racks/slot racks, operators then know exactly where to place each piece.  

25% gains and benefits

With Jotika’s dimensional profiling in place, our clients have reported an uplift in furnace yield from 55%/65% to 80%.

And with 25% more glass going through on 25% fewer beds, this also means that energy costs were cut by 25%.

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