Are you wasting time and money in glass production? Check now!

If you are involved in glass production and sales, it’s quite possible that within your systems, there may be significant time and efficiency savings that you could be making, that you’re not aware of.

With service and price (rather than product) being the differentiator for most glass processors, being highly efficient gives a clear competitive advantage.

Here therefore, are some common time and efficiency gaps that may be found, within a glass production process.

So, are you:

1: Unclear about capacity? What quantities for example, can you actually output? Are you maximising the possibilities? How can you measure and check this?

2: Unclear about how much glass waste is being produced and how to control these costs? What for example, is the full cost of cutting an incorrect piece?

3: Creating waste glass (and even unwanted products) simply because you are overproducing?

4: Not using your existing space effectively and storing products inefficiently?

5: Lacking clarity in terms of managing your shipping, delivery and customer logistics? For example, if you are promising ‘X’ delivery by midday on such and such a date, are you fully confident that you can keep that promise?

6: Stagnating in terms of production? By this we mean, are you constantly seeking to improve your processes and people, or has your production and business plateaued?

Sound like you?

If you can say yes to any of the above, then it’s very likely that your glass production is not working as efficiently as it should.

There is a solution

Glass production thought leader and software specialist Jotika is here to support flat glass manufacturers globally.

If you’d like to know how Jotika can help you streamline your production and maximise your profitability, simply click here to contact us.

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