Unlocking the secrets of stillage loading: Your key to optimised operations

There is a new trend in the glass industry that could be saving your customers a whole load of time and hassle. And with it, giving you a clear advantage over your competitors.

Getting ahead with stillage allocation

When glass is delivered to a customer’s site or factory, most suppliers still load it onto stillages in the order that it was made. But for the customer, that means having to sort through the glass and moving it piece by piece to where it is needed.

Leading manufacturers now allow their customers to specify which pieces of glass are to go together on each stillage, so related items don’t get separated and finished units can be taken directly to the right part of the customer’s site.

Not just moving the problem

Loading glass onto specific stillages is great for the customer, but no good at-all if you are just moving the problem into your factory, at your expense.

If you are going to offer flexible stillage allocation to your customers, you need systems that allow you to schedule production and load stillages without creating a lot of extra work.

Software solutions to stillage allocation

Gtrak is the leading software for the glass industry. It provides all the functionality you need to offer stillage allocation to your customers, without making more work or creating bottlenecks:

  • Gtrak has a single point of entry for orders, so it is quick and easy to capture all the details, including which items need to go on which stillage
  • With clear labelling of every piece of glass and each stillage, your people aren’t wasting time looking things up that could be there at a glance
  • Our sophisticated barcode scanning and Load Assist make stillage loading practically foolproof. It sounds an alert if you scan an item onto the wrong stillage and tells you when a stillage is complete. It can also tell you exactly which pieces are missing from a stillage and where they are in production

Find out more

Stillage allocation is just one of the ways in which Gtrak can help you stay ahead, with more efficient production and great customer service. To find out more, please get in touch.

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