A Production Manager is at the heart of operations

Jotika software is designed specifically to support and improve glass production. We understand that at the heart of operations is the Production Manager. 

The challenges that glass Production Managers typically face include:
  1. You need full production visibility and overview (to keep track of orders and factory performance)
  2. You need to manage capacity and minimise waste and costs (to make effective use of current machinery, people and materials)
  3. You need a clear reporting and planning tool (to ensure you make the right decisions, quickly)
  4. You need to manage your team (to ensure you get the very best out of them)

Let’s unpack these with Jotika’s Production Manager software.

1: You need full production visibility and overview

With our Production Manager software, all of your production data is at your fingertips. You can access work list balance per process, and daily production progress. You can also forecast workload capacity, analyse internal rejects, drill down into detailed order progress, track current item locations and view current Hotbox or Autoclave loads, timings and result history. 

This puts everything at your fingertips, 24/7.

2: You need to manage capacity and minimise waste and cost

When it comes to sequencing and IG production for example, powerful slot sorting enables you to maximise production flow and make the most out of current space and equipment. Material and equipment optimisation for glass cutting and furnace loading is highly configurable to deliver on your individual requirements.

Capacity management aligns sales, forecasting, orders, stock control, CAD design, production, output and shipping; and enables each team to agree expectations.

When it comes to minimising waste, the software helps you monitor and address rejects and other waste such as customer returns. ‘Reason codes’ highlight the reason for the reject (i.e. marked glass or human error) and this business-critical data enables you to reduce remake numbers.

In addition, glass optimisation software delivers efficiency improvements in glass yield and furnace loading.

You can also analyse machinery use (enabling you to plan for costly maintenance downtime). With your polishing machines for example, do you know how soon you’ll need to pause production and replace the heads?

3: You need a clear reporting and planning tool

As mentioned above, the Production Manager dashboard enables you to extract data from any area of production (or overall) giving full KPI updates.

Capacity planning enables you to anticipate and avoid over commitment, double handling, inefficient sequencing and glass back-up; and also reduces production indigestion.

4: You need to manage your team.

A scanning gun, for example, can be appointed to an operator and statistics fed-back recording the outputs from this individual. This enables you to monitor, benchmark, target and further support your people. 

In addition production boards can be strategically placed to display real time scanning data by shift, department process and operator, with colour coding if departments are under or on target.  

Why speak to Jotika?

For big IG and processed glass manufacturers, getting your volume out of the door with good OTIF (on time in full) percentages is key. Doing this whilst maximising existing space, machinery and glass material usage is the utopia. 

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