Reviewing our favourite custom reports in Gtrak

For the directors of glass businesses, Gtrak provides a wide range of reports that allow you to investigate how the business is running, where to target operational improvements, and how well you are serving customers.

At Jotika we are always ready to help our clients draw out the insights they need from their business data, and sometimes that means creating custom reports.

Here are three of our favourite, stand-out reports that we have created specifically for customers in the glass business, around the world:

1. Identifying lost opportunities in production

This glass business was producing around 10,000 units each week, with modern production equipment, skilled people, and competitive pricing. However, they were often failing to meet sales targets, despite the production team feeling overwhelmed and struggling to deliver on time in full.

The client asked us to create a bespoke report that would identify all of their production that was not contributing to revenue. This included internal rejects, customer returns, and anything else that was made but not billed.

The report gave them a daily figure for lost opportunity as a percentage of overall production. It allowed them to drill down and tackle the root causes of the issues. It also enabled them to review their sales targets, based on clear, dependable production data.

2. Setting daily sales targets and live forecasting

In common with most glass businesses, this customer reviewed their sales data at the end of each month to see how the team had performed. But reviewing month-end figures only told them what had already happened; they wanted live insights so they could take action as soon as sales started slipping.

They asked us to create a report that would allow them to set and track daily sales targets. In particular, they wanted to monitor the quote-to-order ratio, so they would know how much the salespeople needed to do, to secure sufficient orders.

With these insights, they were able to set targets not just for sales volume, but for the number of quotations that each salesperson needed to complete each day. By monitoring all of this data they were able to forecast more reliably and take action to achieve more consistent sales.

3. Gaining insights into productivity and value

This customer was managing production well, delivering high volumes of quality work, efficiently and on time. However, they were unhappy with their revenue figures and wanted to gain more insights into the value of what they were producing.

They asked us to create a custom report that allowed them to track the value of each item through production, so they could work out individual and overall margins.

This information allowed them to see where they were setting prices too low and which types of work were generating higher margins for them. As a result, they made a number of pricing changes and gave their salespeople a more specific focus to bring in higher-value jobs.

Meeting your management information needs

If you cannot get meaningful answers to the most pressing questions in your glass business, we can help you make the most of the many in-built reports and dashboards in Gtrak or create a custom report to tell you exactly what you need to make smart, informed decisions.

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