Discover how OptimiserX filler technology reduces glass waste and production costs

Reducing glass waste is a huge challenge for any glass production company.

No-offcut optimisation is therefore critical when it comes to improving your productivity and saving costs.

Most importantly, with optimisation, you reduce handling of offcuts and minimise the potential for throwing these in the cullet bin.

Integrated OptimiserX Filler Piece technology from Jotika is unique and innovative software that delivers increased flexibility on glass runs and minimises wastage.

Benefits include:

  • No offcuts (and no offcut stockpiling)
  • No additional sheets dropped (automatically fills to deliver the best possible packing density on runs – plus original number of stock sheets used does not increase)
  • Improved shop-floor logistics (‘Just in Time’ lean manufacture provides greater flexibility for production, without affecting glass yields)
  • More efficient working delivers continuous production (great for smaller runs when needed)
  • Significant cost savings (for example, a recent application delivered 42% savings = 26% average gross waste levels reduced to 15%).

Gross Waste Before 25.86%
Gross Waste After  12.05%
53% improvement on gross waste
7 pieces and 4.27m2 FREE GLASS!!!!
No offcut generated
No additional sheets dropped
Automatically filled and held pieces not required back for next production run

This is perfect for
Senior managers and business owners in glass manufacture and onsite production managers who face the daily struggle of reducing glass waste whilst maximising shop floor flexibility.

Glass production tech expertise
Jotika is your glass production software partner with 30+ years of sector experience.

Created specifically to optimise your glass manufacture and supply, our tailored and in-house developed solutions are driven by the latest tech.

Tell us about your challenge
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