Project management - the key to a successful new system for managing your glass business

If you are considering a new system to manage your glass business, you need to be sure it will be a good fit for your business, so your investment will enable you to work smarter and more productively.

At Jotika we have an outstanding track record delivering software that supports our customers’ needs in the high-pressure environment of glass manufacturing. Key to this success is the way we work together with customers to plan, deliver, and support the entire project. We have a proven project methodology and allocate an experienced project manager to every client.

A proven project methodology, built on understanding your requirements

Your Jotika project manager starts by developing a detailed understanding of how you work, what your processes and paperwork look like, and what your objectives are for the business and the software that will support its growth.

We all know that the devil is in the detail, so we create a detailed functional requirements document. In 30+ pages this covers everything that the system needs to do in your unique business. This may sound like a lot, but by understanding your requirements in detail we don’t waste our time or your money delivering functionality that you don’t need.

We design and configure your new system to work the way that is right for your business. This means working with you to identify genuine improvements to your processes but keeping all the rest unchanged.

Introducing the software successfully to your staff

Once we have created your new system, we build a complete test installation which we use to introduce you and your staff to the new software.

There is no time pressure; we will work with you for as long as you need to understand how it works and check that it is doing everything you need it to.

At the same time we provide training for your staff, giving each person the amount of attention that they need to master it, so by the time it goes live there are no worries or objections.

Putting it live without disruption

Once everyone is happy with the way everything is going, we work closely with you to plan exactly when and how the system will go live.

This means we avoid the busiest periods and fit around your schedules to avoid disruption. In some businesses we phase in different parts of the live system at different times. And where there are safety critical aspects to the business, we can run some paper-based systems in parallel for a proving period.

Ongoing support

Once the system is fully up and running, your Jotika project manager remains on hand to continue reviewing progress and ensure any questions are answered quickly. We have a highly capable support team and are proud of the excellent feedback they get from customers.

Next steps

If you are looking at new software for your glass business, we would be happy to discuss not just the capabilities of our product but the way we deliver and provide long-term support for our customers.