Optimize Output with Stock Management Software for Glass Shortages

With the glass shortage now impacting, it is critically important that glass processors get the very best use from their glass by minimising waste. They also need to understand their glass usage and stock movement to balance sales with supply. 

What is the problem? 

The core problem is the global glass shortage. As a result, managing the expectations of suppliers and customers, and keeping your order books maintained, can be a challenge.

If you can forecast your stock requirements, you can then manage the balance of the supply chain.

What’s the solution?

Jotika solves this problem with two key tools. They are our Stock Management and our Optimiser X software

Stock Management software

This enables you to manage material allocation, forecasting, and lead times. You can visualise and monitor current and future requirements to manage the supply chain and customer expectations on lead time. 

Using the Stock Control Panel, you can forecast based on current orders and also view charts showing glass stock predicted movements (receivables and output). The forecast graph can present when you are likely to go under minimum levels or even run out completely. With this, you will be able to see if the current allocation from the main supplier meets requirements or if you need to order glass in advance, possibly from other suppliers.

The most important part here is knowing what stock you have and what you will need. You can then allocate to meet supplier and customer expectations. Your customers will then know when they can expect to receive their delivery.

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