Georgian bars – overcoming the efficiency challenges

Georgian bars are an important part of most glass manufacturers’ offering. However, it can take a lot of time and skill to get the designs looking right and bar length measurements accurate. And when you come to assemble them, it can limit your flexibility and cause real headaches if the glass isn’t all manufactured together.

Streamlining Georgian bar design

Where Georgian bar design is done manually, it is time-consuming and demands skill and experience. You may depend on one or two people to produce the detailed designs, which causes major problems if they fall sick or leave the company.

One of the main sources of mistakes is when orders details have to be transferred across to a separate design tool. Some ERP systems have a bundled Georgian bar designer, but most of these provide only limited functionality.

If you are focused on growth and profitability, a more scalable and dependable solution is needed. The Jotika Georgian Bar Design is amongst the most capable and easy to use, whilst being fully integrated into all aspects of the ERP. Whether your customers supply minimal window dimensions or full details and drawings, the Georgian bar design tool is the quickest way to verify their measurements, generate attractive previews and create full production data and assembly instructions.

Designing for production

Efficient glass businesses rarely have simple, linear production of each order: Some units may be made sooner than others to achieve efficient glass cutting or furnace optimisation. Others may require additional treatment, such as toughening.

As Georgian bar designs are typically created for a complete window, this causes a challenge with resorting for glass production sequence. Some manufacturers choose to complete all Georgian assembly per day and then resort into glass sequence retrospectively. Others require staff to locate the paperwork for each separate unit as it comes through production to be assembled. Either way a lot of time is wasted.

In contrast, Jotika synchronises Georgian bar manufacture and assembly with the glass production sequence. OptimiserX can send data in the correct sequence directly to spacer and profile cutting machinery as well as the staple or hole punching machinery. For the manual assembly tasks, Gtrak provides detailed instructions on a screen that staff can quickly page through to put together Georgian units efficiently and with minimal training.

Jotika customers who have adopted the Georgian bar designer have made large productivity gains, in some cases increasing their maximum throughput of Georgian units by more than 50% while keeping the rest of their production and planning running optimally.

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