Barcode Tracking for Glass Production: Right Product, Place & Time

Barcode tracking from glass specialist Jotika solves your production challenges and meets your customer’s needs.
This itemised accountability software ensures the right product is in the right place, at the right time.
Let’s look at what’s included and the benefits. 

Product control

Within production, barcode tracking delivers a huge amount of detail.
Scanning tools highlight for example, any internal rejects (typically breakages) so that they can be recut. Within this, the reason for the failure is logged and each job is updated. This also enables you to address future issues.
Load assist tools give operators audio or visual warnings when incorrect products are added to a stillage or order. Missing items are also flagged up, and notifications inform the loader when an order is complete.
Loads are checked at point of delivery too. Excellent OTIS (On-time Tracking Information System) ensures each customer receives not only the right products but also clear documentation. Packing lists detail what’s on each stillage and where each item is located.
Documentation can also be sent to your customer, prior to delivery.

Customer service

To consistently deliver the best customer service, you must be able to, at any point, tell any customers where their order is.
Digitised, real-time tracking of shop floor activity (including goods received, cutting, tempering, furnace use, sealing and loading) enables you to monitor each item. Date and time details are included.
Most importantly, with hand-held and fixed position scanning tools aligned to clear dashboard reporting, your customer support team will always be up to speed.
This means they can swiftly respond to any customer calls and they’ll also spend less time away from their desk, locating glass.

Performance monitoring

With all activity logged, you’ll have all your figures to hand. This will enable you to analyse, adjust, and deliver optimal performance.
With this knowledge, you can also encourage your people, and when needed, help them improve with support and training.

Win-win software

With full end-to-end production visibility, you’ll keep everyone informed, respond swiftly to any issues and make strategic decisions.
It’s win-win glass production software that supports not just your production, your people and your customers, but also your bottom line.
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