Are you an Australian or NZ glass producer? Jotika can seriously uplift your processes and outcomes

Across the globe, industrial glass production is becoming increasingly software-driven.

It’s clear then, that to keep ahead of the game, digital automation, monitoring and accountability must be part of your setup.

Are you confident that you have the right digital production systems in place? And if you do have these, are they delivering?

Here at Jotika, we are experts in the specification, installation and maintenance of glass manufacturing software. We are UK based but deliver globally, and this includes support for clients in Australia and New Zealand.

When needed this support is delivered remotely by our experienced team with a local agent also available as point of contact.

We understand that the most common gaps and challenges for glass producers relate to lack of software flexibility and poor customer service.

Let’s unpack these one by one

Lack of flexibility

You need your software to meet your unique production challenges and not be ‘one size fits all.’ You need therefore, flexibility and multiple features.

Developed over the last 30 years, Jotika’s Gtrak3 Glass ERP software is written in-house and consistently updated to both meet current needs and be future-ready.

This software suite brings you a wealth of fully integrated features and enables you to schedule, optimise, execute and track, each area of operation from quotation to delivery. This includes CRM alignment, order progress and production performance tracking, in-built Glass CAD design (cutting/ shape nesting/ slot sorting by spacer, etc), in-built glass optimisation, stock control, delivery management, and more.

Everything is overseen via an easy-view dashboard which includes live monitoring and reporting. This can even include real-time monitoring of vehicle loading.

Poor customer service

You need the reassurance that your technology partner is at the end of the phone and ready to respond.

Jotika online support systems are connected 24/7 and we can work with you via VOIP telephone system/email/WhatsApp/Microsoft Teams, and other connectivity tools.

Covid allowing, we also undertake annual courtesy site visits. Over time, business needs change, and this helps us really understand the current needs of the business. It is also a chance to catch up and answer those questions that you have not got round to asking.

It’s all about bringing glass producers a very high level of personal support, we’ll probably talk often and we’ll be on first name terms, and we’ll even work alongside your local IT supplier.

What’s more, we’ll not just be your effective software partner, we will also be an advisor, helping you focus on where you want your company to be in the coming years and the technologies you need to get you there.

Client success - Glasslines

One client in Oceania is New Zealand based Glasslines.

Jotika has partnered with Glasslines for over four years, to help perfect production management workflow and to allow the company management to have excellent visibility over the entire production, via the Real Time Barcode Tracking software and the Production Management Software.

One of the best wins for Glasslines was the introduction of the Delivery Date Change Report. This allowed them to accurately track their DIFOT (Delivery In Full On Time) and gave visibility on where issues were occurring throughout the production workflow, that were hindering the organisation in being able to hit its ambitious target of 99% DIFOT.

Another great feature of this system is its ability to integrate with Glasslines’ automatic label printing on their cutting line. This integration takes out all manual label application and eliminates any errors caused by mis-labelled glass. With the help of these integrations, Glasslines is now running a paperless factory where all glass is tracked with Barcode Scanning and, managed on Department Specific PC’s, where operators can view all work in progress and all upcoming work for the days ahead. 

“We consider the Jotika Gtrak system to be a huge enabler for growth in our company. From management to factory levels, we’re able to see if we are hitting required workloads, keeping under our internal reject numbers and achieving our ambitious goal of under 1% Factory Wide External Rejects.

“Without an ERP system we can rely on, Glasslines would not be the glass-processing powerhouse we are today” 

“In particular, Jotika has helped us gain greater insights into our production as a whole, allowing us to be calculated in our pursuit of growth and expansion, in the years to come.”

Oscar Renton at Glasslines

Here’s your solution

Jotika is here to support all flat glass manufacturers, globally. 

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