A positive year for Jotika + extended client tech and services

The first stage of the Covid-19 pandemic brought us all a year of challenge and change.

Many industry sectors have seen a much higher demand for automation and remote management - and this has certainly been true within glass production.

As 2020 draws to a close we look back at a year of growth for Jotika and outline how we will be extending our support to glass producers during 2021.

What we have achieved this year

We’d like to begin by saying a huge thank you to all our customers.

This year we’ve significantly extended our existing relationships and we’ve also won some great new clients.

Enhanced automation has been key for the industry and many glass producers have asked for help with improved automated and paperless delivery as well as the digitising of their office paper workflows.

In particular (as people don’t have to be close to each other), automation helps organisations deliver their services in a Covid secure way.

One particular client example of where Jotika has increased IT infrastructure is for Morley Glass and Glazing. We installed Morley a new routing and optimisation proof of delivery system. This significantly improved their routing process and enabled them to move to paperless (but fully trackable) product delivery, including delivery ETAs.

Also, with increased working from home, our integrated software systems have enabled client employees to be on the same page, even though they may be working from different locations.

Welcoming new friends

We have been pleased to forge new relationships and provide solutions to seven new clients in 2020.

We’ve taken on new accounts right across the UK and also in Australia. We have also focused on development for existing clients in New Zealand and Saudi Arabia.

Jotika investment and new infrastructure

Just before the spring lockdown, we invested in an extended business infrastructure.

This included an online project management and workflow system (called Asana) which took our day-to-day schedules, our installations programme and our overall business management systems to the next level.

This was timely, as it enabled the Jotika team to work together effectively but remotely. It also significantly helped to improve deliverables to our clients.

Increasing customer guidance and support were key for us during lockdown. Some of our customers manage up to 400 orders and 4,000 products per day, with production running 24/7. We’ve proactively worked with them by remote, to carry out (for some of them, long overdue) system maintenance and updates.

What’s lined up for the coming year?

In 2020 we also developed a new, improved Georgian design software. This timesaver enables a more intuitive and flexible design and it is fully integrated with Gtrak (do ask us about Gtrak software if you’re not already using it). This has been very well received and will be available to all clients, in the coming year.

During 2021, we will be working on further software development including (taking into account feedback from ten years of Gtrak 3 use), Gtrak 4. This is a key tool for glass producers hungry to take their business to the next level.

Keep an eye out too, for improvements to help you with your furnace optimisation, and we’ll also be expanding the Jotika project team.

Forward to 2021

Finally, thank you once again to everyone we’ve worked with during the last year.

We look forward to working with you too, in 2021.

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